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Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 1356. We have three Collective Agreements as Local 1356, 1356-01, and 1356-02. The membership is comprised of the full-time and part-time workers of York University the Local website is at This Blog will include Local information and information garnered from sources other Universities, Colleges, Post Secondary/Tertiary Education and news sources supplying information.

Thursday, November 25, 2004


An international source of information for labour activists [ for the US: labor activists]. Eric Lee feeds us information and even runs an internet radio station with uplifting tunes on workers and unions.

Human Rights Code

Canadian Human Rights Code
Ontario Human Rights Code
These two will supply you with the basis of our laws both federally and provincially. If a matter is not covered by laws this is where it will often end up. Other laws may not violate these codes [unless specifically addressed].

Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada
The information that is collected is used for Employment Equity purposes in Universities and certain other large employers for compliance with the Federal Contractors Programme. In our relationship with the University some information is also used as part of the Collective Bargaining process to justify changes in the Collective Agreement.

Assistance with Injured Workers

Office of the Worker Adviser
In addition to getting help from the local union for problems with WSIB issues [previously referred to as Workers' Compensation and even earlier as Workmen's Compensation] any worker can contact the Office of the Worker Adviser. This office is funded by the province to primarily assist injured workers, although there is an expectation that unionized workers will contact their union first.

Ontario Privacy Commissioner

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner-Ontario
Although the province did not enact legislation, Ontario does come under the federal PIPEDA legislation. The office in this link deals with other issues in addition to the federal coverage.

Government of Ontario

Government of Ontario
Main site of the Province of Ontario.

Government of Canada

Government of Canada
The main site for the Federal Government.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Communication using Skype

This is a free system that allows you to talk to other members of Skype.
Voice Over Internet Protocol is the formal manner of communication that this system uses.

Members of our executive have found some use for this as it allows the potential to discuss matters without tying up a telephone line. It also allows small group discussions of up to five users. There is the potential to have a meeting with some executives at a different location from the rest. Members may call each other without having to have telephone numbers. A headset with an attached microphone is useful small addition to have when using this system. We secured a small supply of Logitech Internet Chat Headsets from a local computer supplier for this use. They work great! This was a tip from the LabourStart email list - watch for info on this later.

ps Skype does have a paid mode that allows calling regular telephones.

Injured at Work

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

When any worker becomes injured while at work they will become involved in dealing with this Board. The union will generally be able to assist these injured workers in their dealings, especially if they are notified by the injured worker as early as is possible. Most cases do proceed through the system without any problems, but then there are those other ones...

How Unions Exist from a Legal Point

The Ontario Labour Relations Act
All Unions in Ontario exist under the above act of provincial parliament. This was a replacement for the Master Servant Act that existed previously.

CUPE Ontario

CUPE Ontario Division

The provincial division that in many ways reflects the political discourse at the level of government that is our employer's major source of funding.
The structure within CUPE Ontario is further divided among juristictional groups - like the University workers.
Separate working groups operate within CUPE Ontario including Health and Safety and Injured Workers.

York University

Our Employer.

The public usually starts at their basic site which is a bit more of an ad for students to attend.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Canadian Union of Public Employees

This site has many interesting links, although some require digging.
The newsworthy portions are on the front.
Internally useful items for Local Unions are found with a little digging.