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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Announcing the winner of the Not Rex contest

The Not Rexes have spoken and the people have voted. is pleased to present the winner of our Not Rex Murphy Context -- Humberto DaSilva! Humberto is a union representative and writer born and bred in Toronto. His father and mother, now retired, were respectively a miner and a shopkeeper in their native Portugal. In 1998, Humberto led an organizing drive of his workplace after unaddressed maintenance concerns resulted in an aircraft accident and after several of his co-workers contracted tuberculosis during the Kosovo airlift. He was the union local president during the merger of Royal Airlines, Canjet and Canada 3000. He achieved short-lived media notoriety during the "blame the union" spin frenzy that accompanied the collapse of Canada 3000 following 9/11.

We know the judges were impressed with Humberto's passion and it seems he has struck a chord with voters. In case you missed it check out his application video below.

Humberto will be recording new videos as antidotes to Rex's commentary on three different Thursday evenings starting Thursday, March 18th and we are excited to see what he comes up with.

We are also excited about the progressive voices out there that want to send a different message to Canadians. We want to thank everyone who submitted a video and is keen on spreading progressive commentary on important issues of the day. We think the Not Rex contest can be the start of a beautiful thing -- bringing more strong video commentary on (more on that later).

We also want to thank our judges Amber Mac, Wayne MacPhail, Murray Dobbin, Tor Sandberg, Kim Elliott and everyone that voted in the contest.

So stay tuned and congratulations again to Humberto DaSilva.

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