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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Retirement Round Table Talks

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Join the Retirement Centre for a more individual approach to retirement planning. In a small group setting you will have the opportunity to hear a short talk and ask questions from three different retirement experts. Come prepared to learn, discuss and ask your own questions.

Five round tables will be set up with ten to twelve chairs for participants. At each table an expert in a particular area of retirement will give a short talk and will answer questions and guide discussion. At the end of the allotted time - about 25 minutes - you will be directed to change tables and go to another table of your choice. You will have the opportunity to visit three tables during the Retirement Round Table Talks. Registration is taken for the event but not the individual tables so plan your choices carefully and get your running shoes on to make sure you make it the ones you want!

The Round Tables are:

  • Understanding York’s Pension Plan & Options
    There are many misunderstandings about York’s pension plan and the pension option you will be asked to choose at retirement. Hear some of the common misunderstandings and have an opportunity to ask your own questions or clarify your understanding.
    Presenter: Terisa Ducharme, Associate Director, York Pension and Benefits Office.

  • OTIP’s Post Retirement Health Plan
    Many people have asked about additional retirement health coverage beyond what is provided by York. The Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP) writes that they are the leading provider of insurance products for anyone who has worked in an educational setting e.g. YUSA, CUPE, CPM and YUFA. Find out about their three comprehensive health packages and over 20 choices and how you can customize coverage to meet specific needs.
    Presenter: Marsha Moorley, Registered Insurance Broker of Ontario, Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker, OTIP representative for 18 years.

  • Early Retirement: Fantasy or Reality?
    How much do you really need to retire? It may be less than you think. You will be given some tools to help you estimate how much money you will require to retire, how to plot your own figures and ideas on how to make financing your retirement work for you. Planning in advance will give you the lead-time needed to make your retirement dreams come true.
    Presenter: Ivan Fraser, BA, ACUIC, CMA, CFP, Ivan has more than 30 years experience in finances. Also, he has his own small business in tax and consultation.

  • The Pros and Cons of Downsizing
    What are some of the advantages, and disadvantages, of selling your present home and moving into a condo, a smaller home, a retirement village, or simply to a cottage or to a home in rural Ontario? Bring your questions about the real estate market and explore the opportunities. Get ideas about the financial implications of your real estate decisions, as well as information about the lifestyle alternatives that await you upon retirement.
    Presenter: Lynn York, M.A., M.Ed. Forest Hill Real Estate Inc., working in the real estate market in Greater Toronto and surrounding areas for more than 18 years.

  • Making the Most of Retirement
    Here are some clues on how to work towards making your dreams come true. Whether it's starting a new business, bungee jumping, climbing Mt. Everest, volunteering or puttering about in the garden, it's important for us to feel that our lives have meaning and that our retirement dreams will be fulfilled. Join our Round Table discussion and explore how you can work towards making this happen.
    Presenter: Linda Brodey, President Retire Ready, Self-Employment specialist, past-President Canadian Association of Pre-Retirement Planners. More than 20 years as a Retirement Lifestyle Consultant and adult educator.

*Seating is limited, register early*
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