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Friday, April 13, 2007

Ban Asbestos in Canada

We are circulating the attached Ban Asbestos Petition for immediate circulation. This petition has been prepared by NDP MP Pat Martin, who continues to lead the ban asbestos struggle in Parliament on behalf of all Canadians. The petition is properly formatted for formal presentation in the House. Pat intends to raise the issue each time another completed petition with at least 25 names is received.

The attached card can be used as background information when circulating the petition to you organizations,members, supporters, and contacts. Original signed hardcopies of the petition itself must be received by Pat's office, for them to be presented in the House. Please print this off and circulate as widely as possible. Post on your websites as well with instructions for viewers to print this off and have it signed by fellow workers and your organization's members, and members of the public. The upcoming April 28th Day of Mourning and Struggle for Workers Health & Safety is an ideal time to circulate this. For those organizations joining us please have your members and supporters send the petitions to you for centralization to Pat Martin's office. When petitions are signed and sent please let BAC know by replying to the address above.

There is a groundswell of opposition to Canada's despicable role in promoting the export of this most deadly carcinogen. A growing number of National unions, provincial labour federations, cancer prevention organizations, and environmentalists have joined the battle to stop this carnage. Yet despite the call by the World Health Organization fro all nations to immediately stop the production, use, and export of all forms of asbestos, Canada continues to shamelessly promote this dying industry.
Over 100,000 women, men , and children die each year from asbestos disease. Asbestos caused cancers accounts for 80% of the increase in Canadian worker fatalities over the past decade. 95% of Canadian asbestos is exported to developing countries where community and worker exposures are horrendous, laying the groundwork for an ongoing epidemic of cancer. Meanwhile a growing number of countries have joined the international ban in order to protect their citizens. We are calling on our governments to stop subsidizing this dying industry and to directly invest in sustainable jobs in those Quebec mining communities that have been held hostage to this industry.
We thank you for your important work and support in the global struggle to ban asbestos . We Canadians have a special stop Canada's promotion and support of the global asbestos trade.

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