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Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 1356. We have three Collective Agreements as Local 1356, 1356-01, and 1356-02. The membership is comprised of the full-time and part-time workers of York University the Local website is at This Blog will include Local information and information garnered from sources other Universities, Colleges, Post Secondary/Tertiary Education and news sources supplying information.

Monday, December 18, 2006

YUSA Personal Appeal

The Executive of CUPE Local 1356 has decided to contribute $100 towards the appeal below on behalf of the members of CUPE Local 1356 and would ask others to follow our lead on contributing.

CUPE Local 1356 is re-publishing this correspondence in support of the cause contained within it.


It is at this time of year that many of us reach out to those around us friends, family, colleagues and even to strangers for whom the stresses of life are multiplied over the holiday season. One of the mandates of YusApuY is to work with our members and to support them through difficult times, whether these relate to workplace issues, health or personal hardships. It is about a personal issue that I write to you today. One of our members, Sharon Carey-Cicciarella and her husband Rob are dealing with one of the most terrifying experiences of parenthood the grave illness of a child. Their young son, Alessandro, who will turn five years old on December 16, has already spend half of his short life fighting a continuing battle with ALL Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia which is a blood cancer that originates in the bone marrow. Although Alessandro has had moments of promise from long months of invasive treatment, he has recently relapsed and will be admitted once again to the Hospital for Sick Children. He is scheduled to return to Sick Kid's on Monday, December 11 and will spend his 5th Birthday and the upcoming Christmas holiday in hospital. And even with the best of treatment, due to his relapse being so close to his completion of treatment, the doctors have advised Sharon and Rob that it will be extremely difficult to manage and the side affects of the chemotherapy this time around could be very severe and some are life threatening. His chances of a greater recovery depend on a successful bone marrow transplant. His changes are a little more than 30 percent. As you can imagine, Alessandro's parents, Sharon and Rob and his nine year old sister, Cassandra, are facing the most difficult time of their lives. The financial burden is extraordinary and expenses incurred for homeopathic and naturopathic medications to ease their son's discomfort can be overwhelming. Also their time away from work, travel to and from the hospital from their home in Newmarket is taking its toll. Other aids like a hepafilter have to be installed in the house and in his bedroom because the introduction of any cold or virus could prove fatal. They of course want to acquire any equipment that will help their son like many treatments and health aids - these are not covered by any plan.

Although we cannot ease the emotional load our fellow member is carrying, we CAN ease the financial burden. To this end, YusApuY has set up a Fund for Alessandro and his family at the York University branch - ALTERNA CREDIT UNION, Account #8254237 in York Lanes. We encourage our members to donate no donation is too small each contribution will build on the one before and together we can make a difference to the Cicciarella family, who are looking for hope in any form that it comes. The journey into the future is uncertain we can never know with certainty what may lie on the path ahead. Sharon, Rob, Cassandra and little Alessandro need support right now. Remember that by reaching out a hand to another, we also get someone holding on to us.

In solidarity
Joanie Cameron Pritchett


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