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Saturday, May 14, 2005

George Loveless and Thomas Stanfield: Tolpuddle Martyrs

Local links to the Tolpuddle Martyrs.

Starting from the TUC website and following the links to the origins of the UK Labour Movement one can follow the history of the Tolpuddle Martyrs. Four of the Martyrs emigrated to Canada.

George Loveless was reported to have settled in Siloam, although the website is slim on the location within Canada a quick search only points to one settlement in Canada by that name in the top hits. Siloam is located north east of Toronto. It is a small settlement west of Uxbridge.
Siloam is currently a bedroom community with a substantial Golf facility, but it also has a bit of infamy from a 1970's Canadian horror flick shown in drive-ins of that era the reference in this website may refer to Richmond Hill, but portions of it may in fact be in Siloam which is not very far either.

Link to information on area cemetaries that would probably contain info on George's burial. Assuming he was buried near his adoptive home. Note that Siloam had two cemetaries one on the 2nd Concession and the other on the 3rd Concession.

Thomas Stanfield was the other Tolpuddle Martyr to be buried in Siloam Cemetary.

There are many sites that will link to added information there are far too many that would all be relevent, but use search engines and you too can get to them. The Loveless clan have written books available on-line on their history in Canada.


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