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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Student Union Busting Staff Union: a call for solidarity

The Link Article on the Suspension [also see at bottom of this posting]
Montreal - The Concordia Student Union (CSU) has recently imposed a
two-month suspension without pay on the President of its staff union (CUPE
Local 4512) for her union activities!

President Xydous remains suspended over this holiday season, supported
only by a nominal stipend provided by her union local. CUPE 4512 is now
widening its call for solidarity to individuals and groups from outside of
Concordia University who believe in hard won union rights and the freedom
to participate in union activities without fear of petty, and illegal,

In a letter sent to CUPE Local 4512 President Christina Xydous notifying
her of the suspension, the CSU specifically cites the convocation
announcing a press conference, respectively sent and held jointly by CUPE
Local 4512 and a group of dissident CSU councillors, as the grounds for
the disciplinary measure.

At CUPE Local 4512's December 1st Special Meeting the members unanimously
approved the following statement:

"The CUPE 4512 membership (CSU staff) vigorously condemns the recent
heavy-handed and completely unjustified disciplinary measure imposed on
CUPE 4512 President Christina Xydous by the Concordia Student Union.

"On November 19th, Ms. Xydous was notified that she was suspended
without pay for two months. In the notice, signed by CSU President Brent
Farrington, it is clear that it is Ms. Xydous' recent actions as CUPE 4512
President criticizing the CSU's many violations of the collective
agreement that is the CSU's motivating factor for imposing this
disciplinary measure. Adding insult to injury, Ms. Xydous received the
notice on the first day of a planned post-operative 1-week sick leave.
Thus, the CSU refuses to even remunerate her during her convalescence.

"Ms. Xydous is clearly being punished for vocally defending all of
our interests as CSU staff and members of CUPE 4512. She was not
disciplined for anything she did as an employee.

"We wholeheartedly support our President and we pledge to undertake a
public campaign denouncing this blatant example of union-busting as well
as advocating for her immediate reinstatement with full back pay and a
written apology to be published in the campus media."

You can show your solidarity with CUPE Local 4512 President Christina
Xydous by writing a letter to the editor of Concordia University's largest campus newspaper, The Link


CUPE local 4512 is a very small local with a very small budget. We can
only afford to pay our suspended President a small fraction of her wages
over the course of her suspension this holiday season. This is in addition
to the expenses we are likely to incur in our campaign to fight our
employer's attempt at union-busting. We therefore welcome any donations
that you or your organization would like to make to our campaign. Please
make cheques payable to "CUPE local 4512" (mark them "reinstatement
campaign") and mail them to:

David Bernans
Secretary-Treasurer, CUPE local 4512
337 Rue Principale Est
St-Eloi QC
G0L 2V0


Concordia University:
Suspended for union activity!

By CUPE staff writer
Translated to English by David Bernans (CUPE 4512)
The Original French article

Hard to believe! The student association at Concordia University
(Concordia Student Union or "CSU") recently handed out a two-month
suspension to the President of its own staff union, Christina Xydous, for
union activities! This is an odious decision, harking back to the dark
years of anti-union repression at the beginning of the last century.

The letter sent to the President notably cites as the motive for the
suspension, the convocation by the union (CUPE 4512) of a press conference
held jointly with some CSU Councilors. They are thus seeking to muzzle the
union. This is clearly an overt attempt at intimidation towards union

Following this suspension, union members unanimously decided to support
their President and to denounce the unjustified disciplinary measures
targeting her. It is obvious for all those concerned that these measures
follow directly from the denunciations by CUPE 4512 of the CSUĀ¹s numerous
violations of clauses in the collective agreement. Finally, it must be
emphasized that Christina Xydous is not suspended for motives relating to
her work as an employee, but only because of activities undertaken under
her mandate as a union representative.

CUPE demands the immediate reinstatement of Christina Xydous with
financial compensation for losses incurred, accompanied by a public
apology from the CSU for this unacceptable act.

You can send your comments on this affair to the student association, to the largest newspaper on campus, with a copy to the union


To view the article published by the Link following our press conference held jointly with some dissident CSU Councillors


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