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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Media Transparency explains the Money Behind the US Media

Media Transparency
explains how good ideas can become corrupted/co-opted by others.

Originally, I was working on a piece for a personal blog and I came across a link from Google for "Random Acts of Kindness" leading me to the Giving Game. While reading about whom they represented, and more so as to how the funding was set-up, I became intrigued as to the NHF - as a Canadian it is not as well known to us up here. It really is unfortunate that the whole concept of which purports to be a benevolent organization that strikes at the heart of many in the labour movement would be so tied up in the extremely conservative US political framework backrooms through the National Heritage Foundation.

Media Transparency explains the connection to the ANTI-Labour stance that the NHF has taken throughout the years. From the promotion of "Beware of the Union Label" to the destructive work on the US OSHA, and on, and on.

Click on the following link for an appropriate site on Random Acts of Kindness.


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