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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Toronto's Amato Pizza owes over $82,000 in unpaid wages to workers!

How Amato Stole Christmas
Amato Pizza owes over $82,000 in unpaid wages to workers!

Stop the Grinch! Tell Amato to pay up!
6 pm - Thursday December 15, 2005
Amato Pizza, 672 St Clair Avenue West (at Christie, 5 blocks West of Bathurst)

Stand with Amato workers and demand that the grinches at Amato find a heart and pay the wages that workers have earned.

Amato Pizza has violated basic employment rights. Workers were:
· scheduled for 80 hours a week and not paid overtime pay!
· Routinely paid late or received no pay at all!
· Fired even though some had not even been paid for 3 months!

This is not the first time Amato has violated the law and exploited workers. Community pickets in August and September forced Amato to pay one worker $8,000 in unpaid wages.

The Workers' Action Centre pressed the Ministry of Labour to investigate Amato in September specifically to stop the ongoing violations against workers. The Ministry of Labour did investigate Amato but did nothing to force this deadbeat boss to pay workers the wages they are legally owed. Workers continued to receive bounced checks and work up to 80 hour weeks with no overtime pay. The Ministry investigator talked to the boss but not to the workers! Despite the investigation, Amato continues to break the law.

For Information:

Mary Gellatly, Parkdale Community Legal Services - 416-531-2411 ext 246
Sonia Singh, Workers Action Centre - 416-531-0778 ext 221


  • At Wednesday, 29 November, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It is a year since this entry, and Amato's pizza, and co-owner Giuseppe Colantonio, are at it again! Now one person is owned $10,000! (Probably the poor worker that was owed $8,000 a year agi when this blog entry was made!)

    See a news report here:


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