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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Another Sacked University of Ilorin Lecturer Dies

One of the sacked lecturers of University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), Prof. Anthony Ehizua Annor, awaiting the hearing of the appeal case at the Federal High Court, has died.

Annor, a geologist, was reportedly sighted at the courtroom on July 26 when the Federal High Court judge, Justice P. F. Olayiwola, ordered their recall to their former duty posts at the institution.

His death brings to three, the number of the dons that had died since 2001 when they were sacked by the Prof. Shuaib Oba AbdulRaheem administration at the university.
from This Day (Lagos)

The item is a bit open-ended regarding the cause of death.


  • At Sunday, 12 August, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    A lot of hues have been made for and against the “Sacked” (as they brand themselves) Unilorin lecturers. Also, a lot of paid adverts as well as stage-managed editorials have been mounted in some of the Nigerian dailies and weeklies either deliberately or ignorantly or both to present the former lecturers to the unsuspecting and innocent people as the heroes of academic struggle. While one feels inclined to be disinterested in joining issues with the apostles of confusion, it is increasingly becoming unfathomable to be quiet in the face of misinformation and deliberate attempt to restore academic instability at the University of Ilorin . It is also necessary to give a clear picture of events since people who, under normal senses and circumstances, should be honourable and courageous enough to speak the truth, callously choose to glorify falsehood, misinformation and character assassination.

    In the light of the foregoing, there is the compelling need to present to the public the untold story about the issue. It cannot be controverted that there was a disagreement between the Unilorin local ASUU and the University Authorities in 2001, but it is also necessary to chronicle some of the events that led to the present situation, which the recalcitrant lecturers whimsically chose for themselves.

    The public ought to know that the strike action under reference is a complete misrepresentation of the reality on ground. Succinctly put, there was a local strike embarked upon by the lecturers of Univerity of Ilorin, then under the headship of Taiwo Oloruntoba-Oju, before the National ASUU called-out members in all Universities for a national strike on some national issues such as increase in take home pay. The two strikes were not even running concurrently. But, the dubious lecturers, acting under the mischievous protection of the then terribly biased National body of ASUU, have consistently and diabolically shove aside the reasons for the local strike which caused them their jobs. After all, if the national ASUU makes Unilorin case, albeit acting from the position of ignorance, as one of its demands, what can the former ASUU leaders of Unilorin present as their reasons for the local strikes? This is where the untold story lies.

    One of the reasons for the Unilorin local strike in 2001 was what the then local ASUU leadership called the “unacceptable” stance of the then authority on some local issues. For instance, the Oloruntoba-Oju led ASUU was not comfortable with the sanctioning of some erring lecturers by the University administration. The concerned lecturers were found to be on the employment of the University illegally, having dully retired from the services of other higher institutions, but taking up permanent and pensionable appointment with University of Ilorin . They should not be challenged for this brazen illegality, because they were inner-circle members of ASUU.

    Another reason adduced for closing the gate of the ivory tower was occasional delay in payment of monthly salaries. It is on record that during the period under reference, salaries were paid between 22 nd and 25 th of every month. However, any month this could not be achieved, the then local ASUU called out members for strike. The records are there. A particular case of reference was when the salaries were delayed because it was difficult to augment the “amputated” monthly allocation with Bank loan, the ASUU, which had earlier complained in writing about the colossal interest being charged by Banks, called its members out for strike. This is a case of stealing on one hand and shouting thief on the other.

    Again, Unilorin had to close down, due to the monopolized wisdom of the then local ASUU, because a Professor, an “inner circle member” of Oloruntoba-Oju cabal, fraudulently presented his wife's document, claiming to be his, to obtain loans and grants from The University of Ilorin. So, for this, the Professor should be a sacred cow, otherwise, there must be strike.

    Another rot that the then University of Ilorin administration was expected to doss over to avoid strike, in the wisdom of the clique, was overstaying of some academic staff on sabbatical leave, even after adding the accumulated leave. Some “anointed” leaders and advisers of ASUU who violated the University regulations in this direction were expected to be ignored.

    As a stakeholder and an eye witness, I feel it is necessary to give a clear account of what transpired that time. I was keeping and still have all the releases and write-ups of the then local ASUU. I was also at the ASUU meeting where the motion to go on indefinite strike was moved. Some of us were called names, stigmatised and our lives threatened simply for canvassing for decorum, courtesy and counsel.

    When the efforts to resolve the seemingly intractable problem were futile, the Alumni leadership also attempted genuinely to quell the senseless and avoidable antagonism of the system, so also did the Student Union of the University. The host community also came in, all to no avail. All people of substance, who foresaw their predicament, made frantic efforts, but they were rebuffed by the clique. The lost dogs did not hear the whistle. At a stage, some lecturers realised that the local strike had some sinister motives and vendetta, and thus becoming unjustifiable, those in this category decided to dissociate themselves from the arrogant and garrulous posture, which the cabal considered as virtue.

    After all attempts failed to yield any fruition, the then administration, probably acting like a proverbial landlord who would stop at nothing to ensure peace in his house, decided to introduce some measures to allow some willing lecturers to return to work. At this stage, a register was opened and made optional for interested lecturers to sign back. It is on record that all the lecturers, who were then well over 600, signed back, except the unyielding 49.

    Since they refused to yield, it was considered as a deliberate withdrawal from the service of the University. Some of the lecturers and their external agents threw academic virtues into the dustbin and went into Africa hall, the venue of final examinations and physically assaulted some lecturers who were invigilating. The students rebuffed the intruders and this resulted into clashes in the examination hall. One can imagine a situation where some people planned to prevent the graduating students from writing their final year papers and join them to antagonize the system, in the name of picketing. Only the insane would do so. The aggrieved 49 took the University to courts on different charges. Some of the cases are still awaiting court verdicts at different levels of the Nigerian courts. This fact is being hidden from the public.

    Since the inglorious exit of the 49, the University has been witnessing academic stability such that the institution is now a toast of many Nigerians, both friends and foes. There has been harmonious relationship among all academic staff on one hand (e.g no staff has taken the other to court on any dispute since the exit of the 49) and Unilorin Chapter of ASUU and other Unions within the University on the other hand. There has also been peace and progress manifested in the timely graduation of students, construction, completion and commissioning of several projects. Also, cultism and student unrest have become history since their departure from the University. The University undergraduates and graduates are doing well within and outside the country. Indeed, the University of Ilorin is better by far than when they were there.

    In conclusion, if the 49 who initiated court actions against the University no longer believe in the rule of law and are now desperate to return to the University of Ilorin, a University which they had condemned in the past, they should be humble enough to apply to the institution through the current advertisements rather than engage in political arm twisting.

    Usman Alabi Olayinka Yusuf

    Justice Nurtured by Truth


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